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Railcraft Deck Railing Colours & Handrail Styles

Available Deck Railing Top Profiles

Round Top Aluminum Deck Railing Profile

Download Engineering Specs.

Square Top Aluminum Deck Railing Profile

Download Engineering Specs.

Railcraft Aluminum Deck Railing Colours

The following images are computer scans of the 12 aluminum deck railing colours available from Sundeck Centre. The colours may vary slightly from actual colour samples. NEVER choose your deck railing colours using these scans. Actual colour samples are available from Sundeck Centre.

Along with aluminum deck railings, Sundeck Centre specializes in new deck builds, deck renovations, and deck waterproofing.

Request a free decking quote or reach out to our decking experts by calling 1-250-766-7320. You can also send us an email if you have any questions about the deck railing colours or styles we carry.

Akzo Whistler White


Rideau Brown

Railing Beige

Railcraft Tan

Quartz Grey

Oyster Grey


Flat Black


Akzo Blackcomb

Electric Grey

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