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Deck Railing Systems

Sundeck Centre is among an elite group of aluminum railing and systems contractors in North America specializing in custom designed and fabricated exterior glass and picket deck railings.

Benefits & Differences of Aluminum Railings

Aluminum railings provide a stylish and enduring alternative to high-maintenance wood, steel or iron railings, while adding contemporary, custom-finished elegance to your deck, patio, landing or pool.

Aluminum railings are strongly built and powder-coated to endure whatever the elements throw their way. No need to protect it from insects, decay, rust or peeling paint.  Choose aluminum railings from Sundeck Centre and simply remove deck railing maintenance off your list of tiresome chores!

Precisely engineered

Sundeck Centres Aluminum Railings are custom-finished to the actual dimensions of your deck providing you with an exceptionally high end, structurally sound finished product.

You choose the look

Our suppliers’ state-of-the art manufacturing facility will create the custom look of your choice.

Pick any colour you want.  Our in-house powder coating can match any design scheme you select.

Lowest lifetime costs

Do the math.  Upfront costs for aluminum railings are a mere fraction of other railing options when you calculate them with the maintenance factor.

Save yourself the time that maintaining other railings would require of you each year.  Skip the upkeep costs that wood, iron or steel railings would require.

Sundeck Centre offers written warranties for every aluminum railing they supply and install.

Good return on investment

Aluminum railings are a low-cost way to increase your homes resale value.  Elegant and enduring, quality railings make even the oldest properties appear new and well-tended.

Why aluminum?

Aluminum‘s light weight, high strength and resistance to corrosion make it ideal for railings.  It is highly malleable, easy to machine, mill, drill, cut, punch, bend, weld and bond.

Aluminum is also 100% recyclable, retaining its unique properties even when reused for the same purposes over and over again.  Furthermore, recycling requires only 5% of the original energy input.

Helping People Love Their Homes